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Almond Chocolate Bar Hybrid 200mg (Min. Order: 10)

200mg Roasted Almond Hybrid Chocolate Bar is infused with premium hybrid cannabis oil for a balanced experience.

BeTru Wellness – Beverage Drops

BeTru Wellness Phytonutrient Beverage Drops are designed to give you the added boost you need without harsh stimulants or unhealthy chemicals that can make you feel worse later.

Black Berry Kombucha High CBD (Min. Order: 10)

Introducing Good Stuff Tonics, the healthy cannabis infused wonderfulness that will have you feeling relieved on a number of levels. This is an excellent product  for overall health and proving in aiding patients that suffer from IBS, or other digestive complications.

Bottled Gourmet Teas (80MG) (Min. Order: 10)

Like the convenience of bottled teas? Need an energy boost or pain-relief to start your day? The House of Jane Bottled Gourmet Teas combine tender whole tea leaves blended and infused with medical cannabis oil and love. Pure and naturally refreshing!

Calivolve Chocolate Truffles (Min. Order: 10)

GORGEOUS DARK BELGIAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES WITH CAREFULLY CURATED CANNABIS FROM HUMBOLDT COUNTY All organic, naturally vegan and gluten free. In 3 delicious flavors: Cherry,

Cannavis Syrup (Min. Order: 10)

Cannavis Syrup is an extremely versatile product that is effective in potency and a healthy alternative to other infused cannabis choices on the market. Made with premium distillate and isolate, these THC & CBD syrups are hand crafted with a perfect blend of cannabinoids and flavor.

CBD Zinger Cookies (Min. Order: 10)

Sugar-Free CBD Zinger –  Did you know the dictionary defines a Zinger as an outstanding person or thing? Well, wait till you try our  CBD Zinger.

Cherry Lemonade

Slightly sweet and more than a little tart. Made with real cherry juice concentrate and no added sugar.

Cocoa Sparkle Cookies 200mg (Min. Order: 10)

This special seasonal product contains mini cocoa bites made with cacao nibs, organic dutch cocoa and coconut oil for a delicious superfood experience. Made with turbinado and coconut sugars, these yummy chocolate treats are suitable for those with a low glycemic diet.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Banana Buddies (Min. Order: 10)

Try these new chocolate dipped banana chips from Sisters Solstice! They are 100% Organic, Vegan and delicious.

Good Stuff Tonics Ginger Apple Kombucha (Min. Order: 10)

fluid oz | 100mg THC2 fluid oz | 20mg THCMICRODOSE: 8 fluid oz | 5mg THCHave great gut health and

Hawaiian Holiday Organic Dark Chocolates with Pineapple and Coconut (Min. Order: 10)

The Hawaiian Holiday by Sisters Solace contains 70 mg or 140 mg of THC, four pieces of chocolate. The chocolate has