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1:1 CBD Candy Hearts (Min. Order: 10)

Lots of love goes into these beautiful & delicious CBD Candy Hearts, Dr. Raw Organics’ first CBD marijuana edible.

1:1 GelCaps (Min. Order: 5)

Sow Eden Organics sources only the highest quality and natural ingredients to provide one of the best CBD line on the market. Not all CBD products are created equal, and that’s what makes Sow Eden stand out above the competition.

Almond Chocolate Bar Hybrid 200mg (Min. Order: 10)

200mg Roasted Almond Hybrid Chocolate Bar is infused with premium hybrid cannabis oil for a balanced experience.

Beboe Pastilles (Min. Order: 10)

HE FINEST CANNABIS TREATS MADE WITH THE UTMOST CARE AND RESPECT FOR NATURE’S IMPERCEPTIBLE SUBTLETIES,Beboe cannabis pastilles are carefully crafted with the finest organic ingredients and natural flavors.

BeTru Wellness – Beverage Drops

BeTru Wellness Phytonutrient Beverage Drops are designed to give you the added boost you need without harsh stimulants or unhealthy chemicals that can make you feel worse later.

BeTru Wellness – Mind Gummy Chews

Focusing on bone, brain, and immune system support, these all-natural, berry-flavored MIND Daily Gummy Chews are infused with Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and our very own patented nano-amplified CBD extract, Canatrū™.

Bhang – Nugum | THC & THC/CBD BLEND (Min. Order: 10)

Zero-calorie, medicated chewing gum in mint flavor, featuring Bhang’s triple-tested, CO2-extracted cannabis oils.

Black Berry Kombucha High CBD (Min. Order: 10)

Introducing Good Stuff Tonics, the healthy cannabis infused wonderfulness that will have you feeling relieved on a number of levels. This is an excellent product  for overall health and proving in aiding patients that suffer from IBS, or other digestive complications.

Bottled Gourmet Teas (80MG) (Min. Order: 10)

Like the convenience of bottled teas? Need an energy boost or pain-relief to start your day? The House of Jane Bottled Gourmet Teas combine tender whole tea leaves blended and infused with medical cannabis oil and love. Pure and naturally refreshing!

Bright Blooms (Min. Order: 10)

These Zesty fruit and herb gelées infused with uplifting cannabis are sure to energize your mind and body.Another great vegan

Calivolve Chocolate Truffles (Min. Order: 10)

GORGEOUS DARK BELGIAN CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES WITH CAREFULLY CURATED CANNABIS FROM HUMBOLDT COUNTY All organic, naturally vegan and gluten free. In 3 delicious flavors: Cherry,

Canna Caps (Min. Order: 2)

Blank Canna Caps are the perfect way to medicate discretely. These Canna capsules are infused with 30mg, 50mg or 100mg per capsule (10 capsules per box) of cannabis THC extract delivered in coconut oil for a no-fuss way to to take your medicine discreetly and easily.